You will stay with us as part of our home and as such we shall welcome you and endeavour to meet all your needs both

photographically and personally.We shall demonstrate our techniques with enthusiasm, honesty and patience.

Whatever your level,we shall encourage you to improve and enjoy your photography as well as Malta.


Winter Sunshine


Your stay with us shall be on a Bed and Breakfast Basis with a BBQ or two thrown in, giving you the opportunity to sample some of our

local  traditional restaurants in the evenings .Collection and delivery to the airport is included as is our advice and experience.

We enjoy sharing our photography with you. The area in which we are based in is rapidly becoming harder

to find in this modern world, as it has a  unique mixture of  warm old world charm outside our own front door,

with innovation and the modern world just a short walk or ferry ride away.

If you appreciate the images found here, or even just want to improve your camera skills why not come and share  our

experience and enthusiasm,enjoy Malta and take some great pictures back with you.

We are here to help and make your stay an enjoyable one and of course we have great weather so if you wish,

you can even spend some time relaxing on the beach, at your own leisure.

If you have special needs dietary or other please contact us prior to booking.